Born 04.08.46 in Biddeford Maine USA. He grew up in Longmeadow Massachusetts where he went to the university.

In 1966 he joined the Army and became a distinguished soldier before joining the Special Forces.

In 1968 and 1969 he went to Vietnam where he ran reconnaissance missions into North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. He took a bullet in the shoulder and picked up a swag of medals for his bravery. He was an expert in Vietnamese and could speak Chinese. He personally trained the Montagnards (Laotian) tribe’s people at Konbtum for the FOB2. Taking them out on raids himself.

On his return to the US he was discharge and went back to college as a teacher. A few months later he was recruited by the CIA (Christians in Action) as George called them. He returned to Laos as an adviser operating on the Plain of Jars, later he received the Intelligence Star the CIA’s second highest award.

Back in the USA on 04.02.76 he met up with Bart Bonner in an effort to return to Vietnam and help the Vietnamese people, after the American withdrawal. Bacon felt that the US Government and the Congress had betrayed their word of Honour to the people of South East Asia. Bacon and Bonner became very close friends and worked together on a couple of projects.

In December 1975 he flew to Johannesburg and offered his services to the FNLA fighting in Angola but he was turned down. He then went to Lusaka Zambia where he offered his services to Jonas Savimbi’s UNITA faction. This offer was also rejected, possibly because the UNITA leaders suspected Bacon of being a CIA plant, so he flew back to the USA.

He finally made it to Angola in early February 1976 and fought for the FNLA. It is debatable as to whether he was still working for the CIA, many believe he was. However, after just a couple of weeks along with 5 other British Mercenaries he was killed in an ambush. Gary Acker was also in the same Land Rover and was shot in the leg. According to a statement signed by Gary Martin Acker while awaiting execution in an Angola prison, George Bacon died at 12pm on 14.02.76 at the town of Gbmb during an ambush on their Land rover. After suffering multiple wounds to his chest and abdominal area.

Terry Aspinall 1990